Root Beer Float

A mug chilled ice cold in a freezer

Rich creamy vanilla ice cream soft yet firm

An ice cream scoop for the ice cream as the teaser

To the root beer being chilled in the ice box below

The day is warm, sun is shining, and a sweet treat is sweetest perfection

Reaching for the chilled root beer, the iced mug and ice cream in anticipation

One thing is missing…

Ahhh, yes.  The warm scoop for the ice cream, the link that was missing

Tilting the ice cold mug as the root beer goes in

The foam instantly oozes higher towards the top

But where is the ice cream?  Where does that go in?

One scoop of the sweet creamy flavored treat and….PLOP!

The foam grows, overflows, oozes over and oh what a delight!

What a sweet treat for a summer’s delight.

Root Beer float