The Magnetic Bond

They were only to meet a one-time rendezvous; this man and woman

The man, miserable in his marriage but refused to leave

The woman, miserable in hers but had long ago decided to leave 

Upon first sight, it became clear to both that their attraction was magnetic


One was the positive charge, the other was the negative but who was who?  

It didn’t matter; the attraction was solid.  It was natural and clicked

The emotions were real from the beginning; there was love at first sight

At that first meeting.  


It wasn’t a one-time meeting.  It became a full-blown affair.

Both thought the same, felt the same, believed the same, wanted the same

Personalities meshed beautifully; drawn to each other like two opposing magnets

Neither could separate without great effort.  Both were madly in love…but….

Both also knew the risks despite the magnetism of the relationship


The days grew to weeks.  The weeks grew to months.  The months to years.

This affair managed to keep going; through her separation and divorce

But did he make that effort for her?  Never.  

The fear took over his heart, his mind, and his soul 

All despite the power of the magnetism of the attraction he could not deny.


After five years, the woman finally decided that despite the attraction

She deserved far more than what she was receiving

She was free from her binds of torment but now was in even greater pain

The man she loved and adored refused to grant to her what she felt she deserved


The bonds of matrimony that both had long discussed

But the magnetism of their bond, of their relationship, was all that they shared

As her family was going through a major crisis he sought from her – a “meet up”

She decided at that moment, it was long over; there was no chance


The memories of the past would linger with them both forever

Of their powerful magnetic bond to one another but that was all that they had

And the woman sees that and realizes that there’s more to a relationship than attraction.

She seeks more, wants more, deserves more…and is willing to wait for more

And not just for a magnetic bond.