TADA! I’m moving in….

To all of my wonderful followers of “Learning to Dance In the Rain,” I gave myself a present – an upgraded pad, uh, blog space.  I also made my name a domain – and made my title fit.   So the title of my blog, the main one, is now Respect Myself – after the link – but it’s more of a celebration of my growth in many areas, including writing.  Hopefully, you can see some of you in here, as well.  My pieces are also here and will be written from here.  You will also know my formal name in my posts to your blogs, so keep that in mind.  So “Respectmyselfblog” is not my name – you’ll see my true name posting to your blogs.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with the other site at this time.  I know that many have more than one site and have hooked together but me, HTML and CSS are….not exactly the best of friends.  Ahem!  If you have ideas, feel free to add them.

And, with that, welcome to my new home, my friends.  There may be tinkering and a few changes – after all, don’t we all find things about our new place we don’t quite like or figure out some things you’d rather have in your home?  Home, this one, is where I’ll be staying.

Namaste.  May the light of peace be with all of you.


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