The Search For Happiness

Oh, Dr. Dyer, how true you were.

Much of my life and I’m sure many would agree with this, happiness has been this – “thing” – that once you possess it, consume it, wear it, do anything with it, you will achieve the equivalent of Nirvana.  Problem is, I have been looking for happiness from the wrong source:  a person, place, thing – as have many others.

In my return to working the twelve steps, I’m remembering that happiness can come from one place and one place alone:  from within myself with my Higher Power as my guide.  For those who are agnostic, a Higher Power does not necessarily mean God.  It’s merely a power outside of yourself that’s a driving force in your life.  You define that. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer often spoke of this concept and said that he never cared who it was but insisted that we all strive for true happiness, which also included pain without chemicals in our bodies (required medications did not count).

This saying gives me a great deal to think about here about what true happiness is.  It’s a gradual process and a spiritual process.  It doesn’t come overnight but it will come.  But for me?  I’m starting over again in finding it as it can be elusive.  I know that once I do find it, I’m not letting go of this again.

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