Who says dreams are irrelevant?  

It’s why so many came to this country; all had dreams.  All.

All had families; started families.  All started lives.  All made better lives.

And granted their children the gift of being citizens of a nation

That kept them safe, free and able to know the true promise that exists…

For everyone.  Everyone.

Victims were made as lives were being created in this country

The families making their livelihoods lied to their children; they weren’t citizens

The children weren’t either placing them in terrible danger – and the families at risk

They turned to the nation they sought shelter in for help but their nation said, “NEVER!”


Soon, the forced withdrawals began – deportations – all were legal.  Many lived for years

Under the radar; productive lives as law-abiding citizens.  But what about the children? 

The children….?  What to do about the children?  Aren’t their needs relevant?  Or are they

“Criminals” like their family members who brought them here illegally without 

Their knowledge?  They deserve a chance, don’t they?  


They belong here, many say….

Number 44 said so when he shouted, “Yes we can!”  He included who he called “Dreamers”

In his vision for this country; he called them part of his grand scheme of the future

To him, they were totally honorable, totally relevant to be counted among the citizens

All deserved the rights of All Citizens; they were not at fault for their plight.  They were 

Victims as they were young and knew nothing of the lies being told to them, the plotting,

The scheming involved to ensure that they and the family could be in the country – someday

Elian Gonzalez never had a voice when he was smuggled by his mother and then he became

Propaganda for Fidel and the Florida Cubans to toy with; his dreams?  What dreams?


Now number 45 wants to build a wall and toss the Dreamers back behind it – great job!

Just like a levee makes the water rise and raises the chances of a flood, we’re  risking

An influx of those wanting to come here of immense proportions – of all ages.  

The mayors of the towns and the governors of those border states are ready to go

They think 45 is foolhardy, an idiot and absolutely clueless as to what a border state

Must deal with.  A wall?!?  You’re joking 45!  You can’t even build one over much of that land – there IS no land

All he wants?  To hide the problem and to appease the bigots who voted him into office

And to deny the innocents their rightful place in the nation to pursue their relevant dreams

To live; to work; to marry and raise families, to earn a wage and to be true citizens

You’d think 45 would think “prospective voters,” but no.  He sees “skin color” and “fear”

But their dreams, just like those of 45, are just as relevant, just as valid and just as powerful

They deserve to be heard, to be designed, to be seen through to its denouement

Who are we to call them and their ideas irrelevant?  Who are we?  

Who called us God?  Who made us judge, jury, and executioner of the innocent?

Just as our dreams count, so do those of those who are here who thought

They belonged here but were lied to; imagine that all you knew was taken away

And then, you lose even more: your home nation – the only one you know

How dare he! How dare he build a wall – a wall that keeps nothing out

A wall that is totally irrelevant…


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