Parting of the Ways

via Daily Prompt: Focused

You say that where my life is going is wrong

You say that I am selling myself short and deserve more

I have it all, can be it all so you say; but I am headstrong

Hearing you go on and on about what you don’t got is such a bore

You bore your heart, mind, and soul to me – called me your “best friend”

But what about me?  What about what I want?  It’s all about you, you and you

Yet you’re married!  Why am I your confidante?  It’s your lover you owe amends

But what about me?  What about what I want, my heart and soul cry.  I’m just a fool

I call you on your shit; you call me on mine – some “best friends” we are

You want that closeness, that intimacy; Me?  I have no idea of what I want – Or do I?

Lectures, speeches, finger-wagging and “offers to help” are “because you care”

But do you think about me at all?  Never.  All you think about?  What makes you right.

I’m so sick, absolutely sick, of this bullshit.  I’m worthy of being who I am as I am

You don’t have to like it; I don’t care if you don’t like it.  It’s me, will be me, goddamn it!

Where you belong?  With your lover focused on your issues; healing as best as you can

Where I belong?  Away from you, you narcissist focused on the twelve steps and finding “it”

And what is “It?”  “It” is what makes me happy, joyous and free and I know it’s not you.

Photo by Tom Pumford on UnsplashFocused

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