The Enticement

She says to herself “Never again, absolutely never”

She even promises friends, family and her lover that this time will be forever

But even they know the truth; it will be like all the other times

Heartache, misery, tears of anguish and yet more lies


She goes to work but she’s got the telltale shakes of a “white knuckler”

Going it alone cold turkey, her mind is in a fog, another sign that’s recognizable

She can stop at just one, she thinks.  She makes deals, bargains and barters with herself

It won’t happen again; never again; no more benders, blackouts where she’s another self

Especially when she’s at work; she’s been both sexually harmed and warned

Never knew what truly happened until she’d hear the whispers from the scorned


Problem is, she needs this job to survive and raise her children, who are lost

Her marriage, her loving and adoring husband, became the cost

He’s refusing to return until she gets help for her disease

And threatening to take their children to safety; she begs and pleads

Her family, and his, agree with him and so, this day was her day

Her day to prove everyone wrong; that she could keep everything at bay

The shakes, however, were an ominous sign of trouble; but there was more to say


She tries to go without but is finding that her headaches are impossible to face

Even with Motrin she can’t knock them down; she needs and craves a drink

Her hands are shaking but she can’t get those nasty shakes to stop

Hiding in her office she thinks she’s getting away with her misery

But she isn’t….and her desk phone rings.  Her day of reckoning has arrived.


Her manager has called her into his office, as she is; shakes and all

The door closes behind her and she sits down….and awkwardly misses the chair

And there is a distinct odor surrounding her – while in her office, she hit her stash

The “emergency stash” she keeps in her drawer of a small bottle of whiskey “to tide her over”

Immediately her manager picks up the phone and another person enters the room

“She needs treatment.  She is no longer on the job until she gains the treatment she needs.”

The woman gasps in horror; the person, from the Employee Assistance program nods

In a matter of less than an hour, the woman is taken to the nearest hospital for detox

The manager notifies her family…that she still has a job but she’s not allowed back

A 30-day program MINIMUM must be completed.  Her family is not surprised….

This is the fourth in-patient program she’s been placed in; and failed.


That’s the nature of this insidious disease; most who try to quit on their own don’t.

Many die – by drink, by mixing with other drugs, drunk driving or other accidents

And suicide….the abuser gets disgusted and feels hopeless and ends it rather than deal

With the torment of quitting.  And, for women, there’s the shame of being a mother who

Is also a “drunk.”  But for women, there is also trauma involved and without treating it

First, any treatment will fail; Any…


And with this woman?  She makes it through number four – but she’s sent to a halfway

House; to the relief of her family and her employer – plus AA meetings.  But her family

Has already made its decisions – she will never return.  They’ve had more than enough.

The kids are now in the custody of the father; divorce is in progress but she still has a job.

She is starting over….again.  One day at a time.




Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Photo by Robert Mathews on Unsplash

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