Superficial Heartache

via Daily Prompt: Superficial

You say “yes” then you say “no”

You say “stop” then you say “go”

Tell me.  Which way do I follow?

Yes?  Go?  Stop?  No?  

Emotions are not superficial things

They are deep, vast, true and fragile

Love, indifference, hatred, passion; give the heart wings

What is it you want?  Why are you so indecisive?

Taunting, tormenting, teasing, tragic

Your words and actions don’t need to be so divisive


You ask where I am to go, how to feel and what I’m to want

Why am I to say anything at all when I’ve already said my peace?

My heart and my emotions are not superficial nor are they to flaunt

I’m still here at your side, by your side, for your side forevermore; never to cease

All I ask of you is that you see what you’re doing is causing me pain

You don’t seem to know what direction you wish to go:  left, right, up or down

In the meantime, I must pull back let go to keep me from going insane

I won’t let you and your superficial game-playing make me into a clown

I will always be your friend, your beloved friend, as you determine your way

Center Photo by Brooke Cagle on UnsplashSuperficial

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