Ascending From The Bottom

via Daily Prompt: Ascend

A woman working, climbing, ascending to the top of the mountain

Past the misery, where she screamed; Primal Screams echo like a fountain

Or, was she Hearing Echoes?  Echoes of her past?  Of one Bad Day too many

Where she couldn’t see the Beauty Among the Thorns all along the journey

The Search for Happiness began as her Life as a Single Mother was at its peak

She was thinking of others first, not herself, The Child Left Behind, and the screams began

Deeply entrenched in the muck of the mundane; the mind buried in the fog so bleak

There was no Beauty in the Eye of the Storm; she was the storm, everyone’s bogeyman

Anger, raw anger, frustration, bitterness were the norm for her; yet she wanted love

Yes, love is what she wanted most of all; she could never find it and she wondered Why

Why not her but yet others had?  This became The Journey; to ascend high above

High above the distorted Reflections in the Broken Looking Glass; self-doubt to the sky

But for every failure, more anger, more frustration, more bitterness, more pain

That pain where You Feel Like You Just Wanna Give Up; say “Never again, absolutely never”

A little girl screams into the darkness; it was Hearing Echoes again in her brain

She didn’t know what the hell went wrong.  Doesn’t anyone comfort her in her pain?  Ever?

But then the woman realized her higher power was calling to her  “Hush Hush little one”

That was enough to keep her going, to allow her to keep climbing, ascending to the top

Her higher power told her he was still by her side at her side for your side forevermore

The Primal Screams calmed to the sound of whispering wind; she beamed like the sun

As she’s finding “it,” what makes her happy, joyous and free and the pain to stop

She ascends to the top, gazes over the horizon, her wings flicker, flutter, she’s free of her shell

This emotionally sick, behaviorally imbalanced woman is returning forevermore

From this place called hell.

Featured photo by erik cid on Unsplash


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