Flying Blind

via Daily Prompt: Risky

So filled with hope, with wonder, with dreams beyond imagination

The desperate woman took the plunge and returned to work

She had been lost to the workforce, to life, and to society for years

She thought she had been relegated to eternal damnation

For one reason only:  her mental illness.  Her life was filled with murk

Days were drenched with storms of tears

A Secret Crush returns to her life, encouraging her in her search for meaning

All was well even as she took that frightening plunge; she had her cheerleader

The reminiscing, the laughter, the joy, the arguments, the apologies, all seemed redeeming

Little did she know, her Secret Crush was actually using her for his whims; a leech, a feeder

An emotional affair had begun; the woman was not aware she had crossed the line

What he wanted was sinister; to violate his promise of matrimony; the woman, a concubine

As time went on both work and her dear friend were  in tandem in the woman’s life

The man’s marriage was crumbling as his emotions shifted; yet he had no spine to move on

Which says volumes about the truth of everything; it was a lie, a sham of a life

The woman knew the truth but couldn’t rid herself of this leech; she was hopelessly drawn

But as the Universe does so well, It determines balance, often in dramatic actions

And so it began with stress on a job that was once certain but was now unattractive

The Secret Crush now was leaving to go away with his wife and only wanted to hear “good”

This was before he was to leave – but no connections were made; the Universe made it so

As he was in a place of enjoyment, the Universe did its work revealing all falsehoods

All directed towards the woman as if she had not suffered enough; the job, the home

Before she knew it, she had no job, her home under threat, the man from her childhood

The Universe removed…through the words of the woman saying, “I’ll survive without you”

The woman, now reeling from the losses, is now seeing how wrongs are made whole

Usually through dramatic events and often out of her hands; all can lead to cleansing

Her Secret Crush had to leave and has had to leave; she’s known it but he was her soul

Or, so she thought; with the pain she is feeling, she knows that she comes first, a blessing

Now she can focus on what’s most important – herself, her life and keeping her home

The Universe draws what is needed to where it is in balance; all are risky but trust is key

So what lies ahead for this woman, now coming to grips with cleansing and loss

Only the Universe can say but the risks are worth the costRisky

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