A Fresh Start

I am about to buy a house in a foreign country.  A house with the beautiful name of Bramasole.  It is tall, square, and apricot colored with faded green shutters, ancient tile roof, and an iron balcony on the second floor, where ladies may have sat with their fans to watch some spectacle below.  But below, overgrown briars, tangles of roses, knee-high weeds run rampant.  The balcony faces southeast, looking into a deep valley, then into the Tuscan Apennines.  When it rains or the light changes, the facade of the house turns gold, sienna, ocher; a previous scarlet paint job seeps through in rosy spots like a box of crayons left outside to melt in the sun.  In the places where the stucco has fallen away, rugged stone shows what the exterior once was. The house rises above a strada bianca, a road white with pebbles, on a terraced slab of hillside covered in fruit and olive trees.  Bramasole:  from bramare, to yearn for and sol, sun: something that yearns for the sun and yes, I do.

Frances Meyers, Under The Tuscan Sun

I’m feeling that this upgrade in my “home” is much like Bramasole was for Frances Meyer’s character in Under The Tuscan Sun.  It may not have weeds or have cracks in the stucco, it’s not mine – yet.  I’m moving my materials in and making this format mine. For those of you who have been following me all along, I welcome you to my new home. To those just now following me for the first time, I welcome you as well.

When I started my former blog, “Learning to Dance In the Rain”, it was the third incarnation of a blog.  It was to describe how my life was, is and how I wanted it to become in a journal format.  But then, I started to dig around the WordPress.com site and found SO MANY resources and took advantage of many of them.  Then, the tone of my output changed – as did my fan base.  Poetry, free prose, and even the subject matter changed.  I gained my first award and am writing on yet a second (ok, third if you count the original one), blog.   And like Bramsole, this is going to be the home in a foreign country that needs work, tinkering and sometimes, major overhauling as this is now my “domain” that needs the work, just like its owner/author.  That’s the point of Frances Meyers’ book of a divorcee who gets this urge to move to Italy to start over; everyone around her thinks she’s absolutely nuts.  She wanted to start over in someplace new where she could make it “hers” as well as make a statement that she had grown.

And, yes, I sure have!  Look at me now….!

Please feel free to comment on what you see or think would improve the site but know this: I am so challenged on HTML and CSS coding so anyone suggesting coding will be hearing crickets in the peanut gallery from me.  But also toss out ideas on what to write about – I could also use input there.  I have prompts, no question.  But for those who have ideas, I’d love to hear them.  But the voice you’ll hear will still be mine….

I also want to thank the support team at WordPress.com who helped me TREMENDOUSLY in setting my material here at the new site.

Now you’ll know my name, too.  A clean start for a writer who is still growing. I can’t think of a better place.

Photo by Jace Grandinetti on Unsplash