Ascending From The Bottom

via Daily Prompt: Ascend A woman working, climbing, ascending to the top of the mountain Past the misery, where she screamed; Primal Screams echo like a fountain Or, was she Hearing Echoes?  Echoes of her past?  Of one Bad Day too many Where she couldn't see the Beauty Among the Thorns all along the journey The … Continue reading Ascending From The Bottom

The Primal Scream

A little girl screams into the darkness; does anyone hear her? Does anyone even care?   Does anyone comfort her in her pain? A woman weary from work finds a note; mind races like on fire She sees her homeless past in an echo of her mind Five steps forward, ten steps back; caught in the crossfire … Continue reading The Primal Scream

An Anticipated Moment – An Unexpected Outcome

via Daily Prompt: Anticipate It all began with the post talking about my surgery and my "liquid diet."  That was so long ago, it seemed like.  I began a journey to my health, my true health.  I was given six months to see if I could make it all work so that the next phase, … Continue reading An Anticipated Moment – An Unexpected Outcome

Hearing Echoes

via Daily Prompt: Overcome All her life she felt like The Child Left Behind with her shiny and pressed school dress Everyone she knew from family to friends thought her sweet, loving, never apt to unkindness But what most did not realize was that she was bound, shackled to this image An image that brings to … Continue reading Hearing Echoes


Why am I writing?  Why do the "blog?" Good question.  I was looking around the "Blogging University" site and found some intriguing "lessons"  and thought I'd see what they had to teach.  This was one - Why do I blog to begin with?  Why write?  What's my purpose?  What is my true intention? It's having me really … Continue reading Why?

Finding the Glimmer of Hope…In A Suit

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer During my meeting with my hiring coach - that the Department of Employment and Economic Development grants through the Vocational Rehabilitation area - we were discussing the "hang-ups" I've been having in the interview process.  I get the list of "commonly asked questions" during an interview and I'm given the assignment … Continue reading Finding the Glimmer of Hope…In A Suit

The School of Healing

It's been two weeks after surgery and I'm healing. Oh, am I healing, alright...and has my world turned UPSIDE DOWN!  It's been a new realization in "mindfulness" as to what goes into my mouth and what effects it has on my now-altered body.  Sure, you can't SEE that it's been operated on but it's been … Continue reading The School of Healing

Tossing the Chains

It's time. For so many years, I've been blaming external forces for my plights in life.  As i sit looking out on my deck, listening to the Canadian geese honk their way into a new springtime, I realize just how much I've missed - how much I STILL miss - by not just "being."  But … Continue reading Tossing the Chains

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me, Right?

Another day on the way to mindful sanity...